Simply efficient

Simplicity is beautiful and efficient.

We at TMK know the demands of tree clearing. With this know-how we have created a TMK product family that meets the needs of even the most demanding customer.

On manufacturing we trust in high durability Hardox steels. These high quality materials, finnish craftmanship and thoroughly tested structure ensures that our products withstand even in the most challenging circumstances. In this way, we can offer reliable and efficient tools at a competitive price ranging from agricultural tractors to a 30-ton excavator, as well as from a skidloader to a harvester.

TMK Tree Shears have always been kept simple, to keep them to be easy for the operator to use them. For example the collector works fully automatic with shears own hydraulics up to the point where its time to drop the trees. This way we can achieve very natural, easy and efficient attachment for the operator. Especially the TMK Turbo cylinder brings a lot of much needed innovation to the Tree Shear market. With this cylinder we solve the problem caused especially by rotators that limit the hydraulic pressure, without sacrificing the speed of the shear. When you run out of power with a smaller cylinder the bigger cylinder takes automatically over and finishes the job. TMK Turbo doesnt require any additional features from the machine.

Unique capsular structure ensures that you can take support with our shear when moving, for example when crossing the ditch. This way the efficiency and the speed of the work will increase. The shears brackets are welded to bolt-on extra plates, so you can change the bracket fast and easily. This way the same shear can be used with multiple machines.

Due to its ease of use, TMK’s products are also suitable for small use and still because of their productivity they can be used by professionals. The base plate is sharpened to be used as a blade and it is manufactured out of Hardox 500 steel. Because of exceptionally brilliant structure the blade withstands being thinner than competitors. Thin blade sinks even to the hard trees easily and the V-shaped home base keeps the trees firmly in its grip. Our blades are very durable and thats why we can give it our full warranty!

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