TMK 400

"Big Boy"

TMK 400 ”Big Boy” is the largest and strongest one in TMK’s current product family. TMK 400 was developed to cut down Central Europes big trees, and the power to this produces the custom designed cylinders. Thanks to these cylinders we can cut up to 400mm (15,75 in) trees. Big Boy fits to excavators from 10 ton kg (22 ton lb)  to 30 ton kg (66 ton lb).

400 mm (15,75 in)

560 kg (1225 lb)

10-30 ton kg (22-66 ton lb)

More about the Big Boy

Shear opens respectful 1070mm (42,1 in), and thanks to its light weight it provides a great tool to cut down the smaller brush as well as the big logs. The strong capsular structure in TMK 400 withstands the tensions of cutting down the big trees and still the weight is being able to kept under 560 kg (1225 lb)! The recommended hydraulic pressure to TMK Big Boy is 220-300 Bars (3190-4350 psi), depending on the chosen cylinder.


Efficient attachments will widen your work possibilities.

Grow with your work


With the TMK BrushBlade you can make sure that even the smaller twigs are cut cleanly. The bolt-on extra blade is sharpened one way and removes the extra gap between the blade and the grapple arm. This creates even more of a scissor-like motion and even the most flexible little bushes get cut cleanly. The chipper operators dream! TMK BrushBlade is good for trees between 0 – 15cm and should not be used for larger trees.

Tilting unit

Do you want to cut overhanging branches? Or just operate in unloved terrain efficiently and leave the stump as low as possible? Or need a little bit more agility to stack the trees neatly? The tilting unit is just the feature for you. Tilt fits both TMK 300 and TMK 400 and is robust enough to withstand the challenges of hard work in the forest. It tilts 90° both ways, so it’s a great tool to cut down overhanging branches, but also gives more agility to operating the shear and moving the cut down timber. Tilt can be controlled with a separate hydraulic line, or with the same line as the shear with the help of a 6/2 electric valve.


The collector increases the productivity of the shear significantly. Collector works automatically with open-close motion all the way to the point where the bunch is dropped. When the shear is closed, the collector opens up to the other side of the trees, and when the shear is opened again, the collector first grabs the trees firmly in its grip. This way the trees stay all the time firmly in hand. Only when the bunch is dropped one electric line is needed to let the bunch go from the grip. Collectors simple operation enables fast and comfortable working. Thanks to its high productivity, the collector is TMKs most popular attachment worldwide.

NEW! Collector is now available also without electricity! Ask more from your local dealer, or directly from TMK.


Delimbing gives the last touch to the tree clearing as well as the TMK 400, TMK 300 & TMK 200 attachment package. TMK has the first easilly controllable delimber on the market without expensive feeding systems. Delimbing is smooth thanks to the diamond shaped delimber hole. This shape gives the shear a little room to tilt before snapping the tree with the blade. This way is ensured a fast and smooth motion, when the delimbing is fast and more importantly easy. In the nordic countries the delimber is really common attachment because of the demand of stripped trees. Delimber is also possible to use without electricity, and delimber is also easy to retrofit.

Fitting plate

Brackets are on bolt-on fitting plates, this makes it possible to use the shear with multiple machines.

Splitting blade

With the splitting blade you can finalize the trees cut with the shear, without unnecessary hassle. The splitting blade attaches to the side of the shear with three bolts. Splitting blade works best with the bolt-on-blade models, when you can also load or move the trees with the same shear.


With the heel you get more support and reliability to the shear when moving in any terrain. You can safely take support with it, no matter the size of the machine. The heel attaches to the backside of the shear with bolts offering good support point when moving with the machine.

Cylinder options

TMK 400 can be equipped with different cylinder options.

1. Normal main cylinder, This is what we started with in Europe. When your machine has around 300 bars of pressure, the normal main cylinder is the safest choice.
2. TMK Turbo is a patented telescopic cylinder, where the smaller cylinder always works first and the bigger one joins in when smaller is runs out of power. This way we are able to combine small cylinders quickness and bigger cylinders power in one casing. TMK Turbo grows your working productivity up to 15%!


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