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TMK Tree Shear got started from an own need, and it was developed to work efficiently even in the most challenging work conditions. This to be possible, the product needed to be easy to use, reliable and productive. Thorough designing and engineering resulted in a TMK Tree Shear which was efficient and easy to operate.

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TMK trusts in the manufacturing to high resistant Hardox class steels, which endure hard wearing and torsion. These top quality materials, Finnish craftmanship and meticulously tested structure ensure that TMK products will perform even in the toughest environments. Based on these factors we have produced a product family, which offers reliable and efficient tools from tractors to 30 ton excavators, and miniloaders to harvesters. As the products are simple to use they are good fit for smaller scale clearences, and thanks to the top class productivity TMK products are also a trusted choice for many of the professionals in the industry.

Base plates, which are sharpened to act as cutting blades, are manufactured from Hardox 500 class steel. With this is ensured that the blade withstands wearing and torsions. Exceptionally brilliant structure allows TMK to have thinner blades than competitors. This thinner blade sinks in to the trees easier and v-shaped home base holds the trees firmly. The simple structure has proven to be extremely strong and durable. This allows the operator to help themselves with the TMK products when moving with the machines, without worrying that the product will get damaged. This way the productivity and speed of the work grows, especially in tight and challenging spots. The brackets are welded onto bolt attached plates, which makes it possible to change the brackets quickly. This enables the same shear to be used with multiple different machines.

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