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The TMK Energiakoura Ltd is a company based in Hankasalmi Finland, which manufactures tree shears and their attachments. The shears are designed to work in excavators, telehandlers and skid steers. Company is founded in 2013 when one man’s hobby started to turn into a professional business.

The core group of TMK contains CEO Tenho Koponen, Engineer Mika Koponen and Foreign sales and marketing director Tony Koponen. The products are designed and manufactured in Finland out of high quality materials. TMK has solid export networks widely around Europe and North America as well. New export networks are found and opened frequently. TMK is one of the leading tree shear manufacturers in Finland, and the company’s goal is to grow into one of the best known tree shear manufacturers around the world. Already for many years TMK has put effort to product development and thanks to this TMK has been able to provide innovative solutions for the tree shear market. TMK is determined to be one of the most innovative tree shear manufacturers also in the future.

“I am an earthmoving entrepreneur from central Finland. I also have a small farm with some forest. The forests weren’t thinned often enough. When I finally had the time to go to the forest, there was always too much snow. Also my excavators were just standing idle on the yard. I started to think to a solution to this situation. Late in the fall of 2009 I started to build a guillotine shear at my work shop. It needed to be simple, strong, efficient and the structure needed to be so that the shear wouldn’t cause unnecessary damage to the trees that weren’t needed to cut down. First prototype saw the light of the day, which lasted for half an hour before breaking apart. Back to work shop and after few missteps a tree shear was created which was surprisingly efficient in the forest thinnings with an excavator.

After little while working with the shear I thought that maybe someone else needs this tool as well. I asked my father in law Reijo with me to the forest. Already retired engineer came with a pen and paper and drew the first sketches of the shear. My brother Mika is a designing engineer and he drew such drawings on a computer that the modern day factory could read. So in the Spring of 2010 I drove with my shear and drawings to Multia, Finland. Multimek Oy agreed to manufacture a test series of five shears. Homemade videos in Youtube got people interested in affordable and simple product. Few upgrades have been made during the way, but the core of the shear is still original. Now we have manufactured over 650 shears and the positive feedback from the customers courages us to continue our efforts!

In Hankasalmi, Finland 9.01.2017
Tenho Markus Koponen


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